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Ways to Develop Good Sleeping Habits in Children by Matt Teeple

Ways to Develop Good Sleeping Habits in Children

We are all aware that proper sleep habits are essential for children. The importance of sleep for child development can’t be stressed enough. Sleeping allows your child’s body to replenish and retain what they have learned during the day. It also restores and recharges their energy levels while promoting the generation of critical brain development hormones.

However, parents’ hectic work schedules, evening events, and other schoolwork contribute to children’s lack of sleep. According to research, sleep deprivation has been proven to influence a child’s personality, conduct, alertness, and learning capacity. Moreover, a study also suggests that children who do not get adequate sleep don’t perform well on attention and memory tests.

If you are looking for ways to develop good sleeping habits in your children, you have come to the right place. This blog post covers some tips by Matt Teeple that will help, so read on to find out.

Ways to Develop Good Sleeping Habits in Children by Matt Teeple

Here are ways you can improve your child’s sleeping habits:

1.     Have a Fixed Bedtime Routine

You can promote a healthy sleep pattern by having a regular bedtime routine. This routine could include bedtime stories, teeth brushing, or anything to help them relax and sleep better.

If your child is older, this routine could also involve setting aside time to discuss everything that happened in their day or perhaps plan for the following day. These conversations can help you create a strong bond with your children and make them feel safe and protected. You can also use this time to instill valuable life lessons in your kids.

2.     Ensure Their Room is Comfortable for Sleeping

Another tip by Matt Teeple on improving your child’s sleep and developing good sleeping habits is ensuring their room is comfortable. You can check if the room is not too cold, hot, bright, stuffy, or airy. Also, ensure their mattress is comfortable and no noise disturbing them through the night.

It is also essential to ensure your kid feeds safely at night. If they are scared of the dark, you can get them a night lamp or light to allow comfortable lighting in the room. Peaceful, well-lit, and comfortable rooms are ideal for a good night’s sleep.

3.     Reduce Screen time Before Bed

Matt Teeple suggests limiting or eliminating screen time before bed. You should avoid any form of digital technology an hour before bed as it can adversely impact your children’s sleep. It may lead to difficulty falling asleep and reduce the average hours of sleep.

4.     Reduce Intake of Sugary Items Before Bed

Avoid giving your kids sugary food before bed, as it can instantly spike their energy levels. Thus, they may have a hard time falling asleep. Go for warm milk instead to promote better sleep.

Matt Teeple’s Concluding Thoughts

Sleep is essential for all age groups, especially children since they are on the run throughout the day. We hope these tips by Matt Teeple will help you develop good sleeping habits in your children.